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The Healing Family Campaign
Families that play together, stay together!
The World Healing Family Association (WHFA) was founded to enhance the health, happiness, and peace of families everywhere. WHFA instituted the Healing Family Campaign to inspire the spirit of "Love for Humanity and Love for the Earth." A community-based international initiative, the Campaign is dedicated to providing support, tools, and resources that empower families and help create a healthier, more peaceful culture. It is sponsored by Dahn Yoga.

Why Heal the Family?
The family is the fundamental building block of society. Strong, stable families ensure the stability and strength of society; many social issues can be resolved or prevented within a healthy familial structure. While some alarmists point to statistics signaling the demise of the family, we believe that the seeds of any meaningful societal change will be sown in our homes.

Healing Society by Healing Families
The Healing Society movement seeks to create a stronger, more peaceful culture by identifying people as Earth Humans, transcending ethnic, cultural, and political distinctions. Of course, the resistance to such a revolutionary concept and the gulf between this ideal and the current situation requires us to take a practical approach. Implementing the Healing Family Campaign has helped us to bridge the gap between reality and our ideal, and to more effectively address issues critical to communities.

Human Technology: The Healing Family’s Toolbox
Human Technology (HT) is a comprehensive toolbox of life-enhancing knowledge, equipment, and skills that addresses issues of health, relationships, and consciousness. The HT Toolbox provides natural, easy-to-use empowerment tools based on principles. The Healing Family Campaign, powered by HT, is dedicated to providing comprehensive resources to help families flourish, nurturing a healthier, more peaceful culture from the ground up.

Healing Family Campaign Goals
The Healing Family Campaign steadfastly supports families in maintaining or regaining their health, strengthening their familial bonds, and creating a robust, balanced life. The degree to which we achieve the goals of the Healing Family Campaign dictates the level of passion the next generation brings to their lives. Passionate families raise children who ardently fulfill their life purpose and who are destined to embody harmony, happiness, and health.

The Healing Family Campaign has three key goals:

Health: Become Self-Reliant for Our Families’ Well being
Provide natural, easy-to-use, self-care tools based on sound principles to manage family health without over reliance on medical professionals.
Prevent families from becoming trapped in a burdensome healthcare system that may not have their best interests at heart.

Relationships: Take Responsibility for Our Children’s Education
Provide parents with guidelines to skillfully manage their children’s development.
Prepare children to effectively manage relationships, sexuality, and marriage.
Help families connect.
Help families play well together.

Values: Discover Our Life Purpose
Facilitate the discovery of our families’ and our children’s life purpose.

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